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This company is a total scam. If a representative comes to your business, turn them away.

Don't even bother using any of their services especially their community magazines. We have about 700 members in our facility and not one has ever seen nor heard of their magazine in our area, and they are supposed to only be delivered to these wealthy homes in the area; the business does not even get to distribute any of the magazines in their facility. If you look at the fine print on the contract, it states that they have the right to basically just keep your money and not print your ad. The rep told me I could cancel considering I never received any proofs on ads, they misspelled one of our affiliates and also included services that I specifically told them were no longer here (I gave them a template to pull from with ALL the information, and they still used the information from our old, now non-existent website.) They then PRINTED this information in not one but two magazines without even giving me a notice or a chance to change anything and still wouldn't end my contract despite the rep and his supervisor telling me I could.

Spend your money toward more positive and effective advertising tactics. In fact, you'd be better off to create your own magazine.

Monetary Loss: $2244.

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #835563

We advertised with them in a printed ad which seemed to work. Stupidly!

we trusted them to take over our online campaign! What a MISTAKE! Two months! it's taken them two months to get the website up, and now we can't find ourselves on the internet!

we are an HVAC company, and this is our season!

and no calls from new customers!!!!! it's a complete scam!

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #835149

Their magazines worked well for me and got me new customers! here in allentown pa

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