A rep from hibu came into mu business and presented me with a presentation to advertise in a new product.Since no one with a brain would choose to advertise in paper let alone the phone book, they choose to create local hometown magazines.

In my case it was Linglestown Magazine. The rep had me sign a tablet to acknowledge that he gave me the presentation. The company superimposed my signature on a contract. 2700.00$ The rep lied and his company failed to present me with this so called contract.

HIBU is in big trouble with their stocks dropping faster than they could anticipate. They are desperate. Do not even speak to a rep from HIBU. They have so many pending complaints with the BBB, I had no idea they would stoop so low as to play hardball with fake presentations.

Do not use HIBU.

I now had to hire an attorney.Paper advertising is a dinosaur in an internet world.

Monetary Loss: $2700.


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Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1267883

Is there a class action law suit against HIBU / Yellow Book? I would like to join. Don

to Anonymous #1397334

did you find a an attorney yet. I want to sue


I have advertised with Hibu for six consecutive years without the slightest bit of difficulty doing business with them as a company or any of their employees.Each year I get more than enough business from the phone book ad to cover the cost of the ad many times over.

Mr.Joda Collins

Joda Collins Driving Academy

Milton, FL 32583

to Anonymous #1110338

Really!!? That's funny because no one uses the phone book anymore to do business.

to Anonymous Davenport, Iowa, United States #1295553

I ask most of those who use my service where they found me. In 2016, I made $1,610 more from those who said the found me in the phone book than it cost me to be there.


Same problem.with them,my *** tract is over and I am still getting statements after 2 years and getting billed.I called about 50 times and get a different answer every time.They are a big rip off.I don't know what to do.

I changed my credit card number,but still got billed under the new one.I don't have the money for a lawyer.I hate this company with a passion.


HIBU is the worst company I had ever dealt with.I signed a contract in NOVEMBER or 2013 and it is now September of 2015.I am still getting billed for calls.Every time I call them I get a different answer.They don't know what the *** they are doing.A total rip off company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Nothing but aggravation.


I am a 11 year tenured employee with Hibu.Please send me your account info and I will take this to the top.

We certainly do not superimpose signatures. If your rep did it was against all our company standards and he or she will be held accountable.

Please give us the opportunity to make this right.It should have never happened.

to BDR #1041798

They forged my signature and my ex-wife's signature for two consecutive years and I have a lawsuit filed against them in Tacoma, WA.It's going to arbitration on November 17th to get my money back.

In an e mail, Hibu stated that "the SR(sales rep) probably put his printed name on the contract, but he signed it". They are admitting that they write in the area of the contract that is supposed to be touched by the contracted company only. Hibu is crooked. They kept sending me bills and my ex-wife paid the bill not realizing that the contract we actually did sign had expired.

When we caught this, we looked for a contract and only found the two years that I actually did sign, but they had expired months before. When I called Hibu and told them I didn't sign with them, they said I did and they faxed me two contracts. The signatures on the contracts were ridiculous and then they admit that the SR printed my name on one of them!

I had a hand writing expert look at this and he wrote a formal report and states that the signatures are forgeries on a more probable than not basis.


It's not a false claim they did the same to me in Westchester county then I informed them I was out of business before that I found out the magazine closed and they still want money. Just called them 5 minutes ago they threaten and are nasty. They shut the magazine down and they still want a $1000 from me

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