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I was introduced to Hibu by an acquaintance of mine, Colt Knigge. He'd been working as a sales rep for the company for some time.

We had a few meetings and he presented a package he thought would work well for me. He thought we could have a focused advertising campaign using display ads. He "promised" that we would see an uptick in calls and business and was very optimistic. Our office signed up for the minimum 6 month campaign.

Our campaign was supposed to launch the week following July 4th. It didn't go live until almost 3 weeks later. After 6 weeks without any calls from potential clients, I reached out to my rep asking why we weren't getting any inquiries. He said our "clicks" looked good and the campaign was performing well.

I told him I understood that the "clicks" may be good, but the goal of the campaign was to feed our company business. We decided to give it a few more weeks. In September, I contacted the rep again, but he was difficult to get in touch with. When he finally contacted me, he said the ad campaign was performing "above average" and everything looked really good.

I asked several times for his manager's number to see if we could improve the campaign. Colt finally gave me his manager's (Mike Fitzgerald) phone number and informed me that he (Colt) had left Hibu. When asked how long he'd been away from Hibu, he stated, "Three weeks". I have no clue why my sales rep pretended to still be employed by Hibu.

Nobody from Hibu contacted me letting me know that I had a sales rep change. In fact, it took several contact attempts to get the local manager to return my calls. The manager offered to meet with me in person. He couldn't explain why Colt pretended to work with the company and respond to my e-mails about the ongoing campaign.

He told me that I must have "fallen through the cracks" in the transition. We determined that campaign was under-spending on our monthly goals, by about 25%. He couldn't explain why Hibu wasn't trying to maximize our results. The manager helped me refocus our "call to action" portion of the campaign.

We gave the campaign another month. The whole time Hibu kept saying that it was odd we weren't receiving calls, as the campaign appeared to be running well. I let the campaign run until November. By this point, I'd been with them since July and had not received a single call inquiring about what we have to offer.

Each time I broached this with Hibu, they always went back to "impressions" and that it should be considered a successful campaign. I then called customer service to see if we could cancel our campaign. The first lady said they couldn't do anything about it, but she'd research it. My call then got dropped and I had to call back.

I must have reached an Indian call center the next time, because I had a tough time understanding the lady on the phone. I asked to speak with her supervisor. Her supervisor got on the phone. I proceeded to explain my situation again.

I told him that I wanted out of the contract due to He then started berating me (I mean yelling) that I can't get out of the contract and I have to pay for 12 months. I cut him off and said, "You mean 6 month contract". He doubled down and said 12 months (I was under a 6 month obligation). I asked to speak with his manager.

He stated he was the highest person I could talk to. I asked if there was someone I could speak with on another day that was above him, and he stated I'd never be able to talk to someone above him and that he answers to nobody. I sarcastically told him I was elated to speak with the "owner" of Hibu. Ultimately a few days later I got in touch with someone from investigations.

I had to go through the same speech again (Can you begin to see how disjointed this company is? There is no communication between call center reps and management.) She told me I had to finish out my contract. I asked to speak with her manager. She gave me a number (which was another run around).

Ultimately I got in touch with the investigator again, she told me I could cancel. The only thing they offered me was an extra month of "service". I wanted a refund and an explanation for all the rep issues. All they gave me was a headache and a total waste of time.

I'm not a marketing expert, but I've had way more success with Facebook and Google ads. Save your time and money and go with another ad service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $842.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hibu Verified Representative

Good afternoon. Again - I apologize for your issues.

I am posting a follow-up message to ask if you’d be able to send your account info to with " response Attn: JRYE" in the subject line so that we may review your account history and determine what happened. Much thanks in advance!Kind regards,JRYE

Hibu Verified Representative

My apologies for your experience! I promise not to ask for you to repeat the series of events you've gone over prior.

However, I would like the opportunity to review your account history to see if there's any way we can assist. If you could please submit your business information to and place " response" in the subject line I will review your account history. It would also be of benefit if you're able to submit any relevant emails/communications you might believe to be useful in aiding our research.

Much thanks in advance and I sincerely apologize for the discomfort and the length of time it took to respond to your post! We've just started to monitor this website and other social media outlets!Kind regards,JRYE

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