Hibu comes off as a great company with a lot to offer and the sad matter of the fact is that they could if they wanted to, but they disappoint. For starters, never ever do a facebook campaign with them.

I say this because they admitted that they do not target any further than just demographics. Any below average fb advertiser knows that the standard is to target based on interests and behaviors and it's still challenging. The fact that they automate this service and let it run on auto pilot is practically theft and I cant believe they're Premiere Partners with Google and FB Marketing partners when essentially just taking business money to throw a wide net.

Also, they claim to not take management fees but they take management fees without tell you. I had a support person tell me about this and when i looked in the agreement they gave me there was nothing specifying this.

How is that legal? I'm sure they have recorded lines.

They also try to sue small business owner so over not paying for these campaigns that no one works on. Awful

User's recommendation: Ask them about your ad spend and where it goes and how they do facebook campaigns to see if they tell you the truth.

Location: Arlington, Texas

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